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Our classes are designed to help you build your confidence in speaking English and are a good way to increase your vocabulary.

Every class is structured very carefully to ensure that you benefit in every way possible by using different and interesting topics during each class.

 How do we teach?

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Our specialized pronunciation techniques help you speak more fluently and with greater confidence. We cover every social speaking topic, from personal English to business English, from Disaster topics to Love topics, from Green issues to Politics, from the English at home to English when travelling and we give specialized pronunciation classes to enable you to gain an improved and very clear English accent.

studyingYou can learn in the comfort of your home. Our teachers are available at different times of day, between 9am and 8pm. Each Course is tailored to your needs. The teacher immediately corrects your grammar or pronunciation mistakes. It’s an excellent way of practicing speaking and improving fluency without leaving your home!



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