Learn English Teens


This course is directed at young learners between the ages of 12 and 17 years who would like to achieve a higher level than is found in most secondary schools 

On these English courses for teens, all language skills will be worked on, including speaking, writing and listening skills, with the main objective being the development of students’ understanding and use of English. Classes are completely in English, with a qualified, native teacher who has experience in teaching teenagers. During the course, teachers incorporate activities and topics that interest teens and provide a number of opportunities to use technology. 


We also offer private English classes for those teenagers who need extra support with their English homework or with English in general. 


How do we motivate teens and ensure learning?

We use references to pop culture.                                                                                                mid_General_English__Business_

Give them a little friendly competition

Cater to their skills and exploit their talents

Use pen pals to motivate their writing

Make reading age appropriate

Play songs and improve listening comprehension

Have video lessons / movies and short films

Play games


Project Details

  • Date Jan 2012
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